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When i’m out shopping one of the things I do is take a peek at others profile picks as it gives an indicator of sorts as to where they shop and that leads to discovering new stores which is how I ended up wearing this Baboom Couture Tshirt.   I really liked the geometric shapes which are not only on the shirt front but on the back too which is a nice touch.   The shirt is offered with both fitmesh and the 5 standard mesh sizes.

I did the photoshoot at Chaos, Kosmos which is the newest creation from artist Giovanna Cerise with support from the Linden Endowment for the Arts.   You can read the artist’s commentary here.




Shirt – Baboom Couture – man Tshirt mesh – @ Marketplace
Pant – ::ZED:: – mesh Goth black leather laced pants – @ Marketplace
Shoes – coepio – Mr.Flat (with Hud) SLink – @ Marketplace
Hair – taketomi - Masato blacks – @ Marketplace
Bracelet RH – ::GB:: – leather bracelet
Watch – :BAMSE: – Classic watch (silver-clean) –  only @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Giovanna Cerise Chaos-Kosmos
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sandstorm ░░░░░

The featured fashion item this time is a hot ‘sandstorm’ hoodie/vest from C L A Vv.  I was looking for a short length vest to go with the ::ZED:: pants so was lucky to find what I was looking for at the Kustom9 event.  Lots of the regular bloggers have featured it too but I bought the fatpack with hud so you will see i’ve taken full advantage of picking different textures for the vest, hood, inner lining & the string at the back.

The strange thing was I found a desert SIM for the photoshoot and then after taking the pics realized the vest was called ‘sandstorm';  maybe it was a subconscious thing !   BTW the Past the Point of No Return sim is really kewl with amazing sandstorms blowing (+ sound effects) which is something I have not experienced in SL before.
C LA Vv. is a new brand name which seems to be planning to compete at the high end of the SL fashion stakes; the accessories and clothings on the store racks so far show a creative chic character so hopefully this trend will continue.




Vest/hoodie – CLAW – Sandstorm vest – @ Kustom9 event (nov)
Pant – ::ZED:: – mesh grey linen rave pants – @ Marketplace
Tattoo – Inkside Tattoos – Solid Cross – only @ Marketplace
Anklet – [F]oil – ID relaxed anklet – @ Marketplace
Scythe – Kojima – Machine Scythe – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Past the Point of No Return
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pocketed ☜

Several fashion stores have come out in recent times with ‘hands in the pockets” coats & jackets which look quite kewl when outside walking around amongst the snow & ice .  This is all possible because of the mesh Alpha Layer being able to make your arms & hands invisible; but even tho your limbs have disappeared they are actually still there; so be careful when your close to others lol !!!

GizzA Creations is the latest to cash in on the trend and have introduced a big range of Pierre trenchcoats V2 (with shirt inclusive).   You are warned that the shirt is tailored to fit only the Pierre buttoned jeans (which are on the racks next to the coats).   There’s texture changer hud for shirt color x12.   You can also buy the shirts as a seperate item.




Coat – GizzA – Pierre Trenchcoat V2 (Herringbone Gray) 
Pant – GizzA – Pierre buttoned jean (blue) 
Shoes – YELIZ – mesh “JACKSON” male shoes w/HUD – @ Marketplace
Hair – booN – GGL309 hair + lightning shaved hairbase – @ Marketplace
Earmuffs – Izzie’s – Mesh Earmuffs – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – *L’Arc-en-Ciel*


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season past ☼░▒▅ ☁

Not sure exactly what’s going on at the +grasp+ casual wears store but iv’e just discovered that the coat I bought which was being promoted shop front as “NEW” was first featured in the store Blog in Nov 23, 2013 !! that’s a whole year ago!!! .   Anyways thems the breaks and the garment is still a fine item to wear (it does also come with fur included for the hood but only brown color).   Kinda looks like this store has gone into some sort of vacuum since the beginning of the year.

Update info:  I sent a notecard to the store contact given and this is the reply I received “Hello I’m afraid that I’m no longer grasp manager. The owner of grasp has been ill for long time and I think there’s no plan to make new item nor log in SL.”   ….. So sad to hear this news.





Coat – grasp – fur hooded coat – @ Marketplace
Sweater – Nano*style – Turtle neck sweater LQmesh – @ Marketplace
Pant – grasp – damaged skinny jeans w/HUD LQmesh – @ Marketplace
Shoes – SSSWAG – Real jumpers classic legend – only @ Marketplace
Hair – Salon de Glow – M-09 


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evolve ∞Ω∞

Sometimes (umm ok rarely lol) I get a picture in my mind how I wanna dress;  hair dreadlocks seem to be having a resurgence in SL at the mo; the style I chose was created by Aibeat (who specializes in styling dreads) and the one I am wearing is perfect, realistically styled and textured.

So the dreads gave me the idea of clothes I should wear;  a real ‘mish mash’ with ordinary prims (the pants) to the brand new mesh jeans jacket wrapped around my waist !  Lots of fun fitting it all together and yeah the SLink hands allowed me to wear juss one glove which was kewl too.  



Top 1 – Expressions – Woman – @ Marketplace
Top 2 – punkd – Tank Top basketball M.3 – only @ Marketplace
Jacket – Infected – Jeans jacket around waist – @ Sad November event
Pant – Custom iNKZ – Ripped up jeans – @ Marketplace
Shoes – SSSWAG – Real jumpers classic legend – only @ Marketplace
Hair – Aibeat – Def-V black dreads – @ Marketplace
Goggles – Bytegang Worlds – DL Kimiko goggles- @ Marketplace
Tattoo – B*FLY – Unleash the Beast – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Mandala – Kamayara Dogtak necklace- @ Marketplace
Bracelets – LH from RYCA & KOSH   RH from MG
Glove – Privilege Design – Skull gloves HUD for SLink hands – @ Marketplace
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nitroglobus இ

If your interested in the Arts you might be interested in the Nitroglobus Gallery which is privately owned and run.  Exhibits of established as well as from talented starting artists are displayed in a huge Gallery.  The current exhibition showing is  ‘Nightmare’ by HeLa Lennie.  Just another amazing side of the Second Life world.

Now, to the fashion side I picked out this “Marvin” mesh outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe Store. Wicca Merlin the owner is quite a talented lady, has been in SL since 2007; she is an experienced professional runway and print model and boasts being able to feature different styles to match any trend and fashion, whether it’s classic, elegant, avantgarde, burlesque or casual!
So with all that background I felt I was buying with some confidence.  I must admit I nearly trashed the outfit after putting it on as it seemed to lack any life but after trying different Windlight settings I was happy seeing a perfect smooth svelte style look.  The outfit comes with a HUD to change color of the jacket & pants (which are seperate items).  Wicca has provided two sets of clothes, one as the outfit version and the other for standalone which guess gives you better fit options.  Try the DEMO first anyways !




Outfit – Wiccas Wardrobe – Marvin Outfit 
Boots – .:KC:. – YAGO biker boots – @ Marketplace
Hair – EMOtions – BYRON black – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Nitroglobus Gallery
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fridays ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

Every Friday there’s a new round of Fi*Friday!    Mainly it has stuffs for the girls but there can be some things for us dudes too .  The best thing of all is the amazing pricetag of 55L each !   Thats kewl !    Anyways I went for a look and picked up all what I am wearing from there.    It was a Wednesday when I went to the store so its not just limited to a Friday sale.




Jacket – Body Factory – BOSS jacket (white) 
Pant – Blvck Anchor – straight jeans red
Shoes – Revanche – MEN Sammie SAamoa kicks white
Hair – MINA – Bas black – @ Marketplace
Keyboard – AITUI – Midi Controller orange – @ Xiasumi school event
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