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Colorful is my world when it comes to fashion and the clothes from the “ALB Dream Fashion” Store its just the place for great textures and a colorful style, full of grace and harmony:  from hippie look to haute couture and casual to formal and for both guys ‘n gals.

And so ALB has pulled together this ‘Dennis’ outfit; includes beanie (with/without hair),  pants (with/without belt) , shirt with tie, vest, and shoes; using african design and colors as its signature which is carried even thru to the soles of the shoes !     High price and no demo makes for a second take of this outfit.    Is it worth the L$890 ?  Well, i’m thinking its ok given its an original and has some nice extras like the shoes ‘n beanie hat but if your working on a budget best to look elsewhere.    If your avi conforms to the 5 standard mesh sizes then you should not have a problem with the fit.




Outfit – ALB – DENNIS outfit birthday 2014 


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princely ♔

It took me a little time to hunt down exactly where this costume could be found.  So it was at the the BOSL Aladdin Charity Event – ok now ?  lol well after discovering  BOSL is a magazine “Best Of Second Life”    (how do things get so complicated ?!!)     I finally found the item still sitting out with heaps of others in an open plaza area on plinths at the brand new event venue in the BOSL retail district.    I’m guessing it will be moved to the Champagne! sparkling couture store soon (which was another issue cuz the old store has been demolished).    So dudes I hope all the links i’m marking here can help you.

OK this “LOINTAN” outfit is indeed another superb creation with some amazing detail.   “Lets start with the open and fitted vest with details at the pockets and shoulders, perfectly showcasing the enclosed and heavily gemmed necklace, talk about style!    The mid-calf pants are a perfect match for the flow of this ensemble and topping it all off is that incredible gold and purple turban with gem accents and beadwork!”.[1] 




Outfit – Champagne! – LOINTAIN purple 
Bracelets – Mandala – Chunkeey Jewelry Set 24k gold – @ Marketplace
Armlet – TMD – Izza gold armlet – @ Marketplace
Rings – Mandala – POLLY RING silver & gold – @ Marketplace
Anklets – jenni Eros – gold ankle bells – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Grove of Faunas
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idle ☼

Sometimes you can find some interesting boutique stores that exist but only on the SL Marketplace; one that attracted me was the ..::[LV]::.. Outfit & More… store.   The clothes are mainly for dudes and i’m fairly sure that the they are not designed by the owner but by sourcing the templates etc legally from other designers… its how the textures are applied that can make the clothes still look interesting and unique.





Top – [LV] – SOLIDe Tank note black – only @ Marketplace
Pant – [LV] – SOLIDe – SkinnyPants blue/black – only @ Marketplace
Sandals – AB – Medieval sandals black SLink – @ Marketplace
Hair – MINA – Lena black – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – etham – Leather cuff bracelet heavy duty (item no longer listed) – @ Marketplace
*SL Destination – Isle of Serendipity, Neva River


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foxy -^^,–,~

The Norwegian comedy duo YLVIS with their song and music video “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” went viral on YouTube in September 2013 with over 456 million views as of this month.  All my frends hate it but I kinda think its a fun song and I still play it sometime.  So when I met this fox I couldn’t help but listen again !





Shirt – DROP – Pullover w/Shoulder – The Seasons Story (Fall event)
Pant – Entente – Vintage jean relaxed homme bleach – @ Marketplace
Shoes – CLAVv – ripped old chuck SLink – Gacha – @ Kustom9 event
Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*46 – @ Marketplace
*SL Destination – Isle of Serendipity, Neva River


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pathway ════ ╝═

Another every day fashion wears boutique store you might like to take a look at is [ 2 byte ] .   Most of the clothes on the racks are unisex (different sizes provided for ♂ ♀) which is kewl and everything is original content creation by the owner.   The vest and shirt (one item) is sold in two different color option (black or white) and the under-shirt comes with three different print styles.




2 Byte – overfit vest white – basic crop pants – K9 beanie – only at inworld store
Shoes – ILLI – Connor Sandal with HUD  SLink – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Gabriel – leather bracelet black
Phone – MUSCHI – GalaxSL5 – @ Marketplace 


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the chauffer ˘Ô≈ôﺣ » » »

If your looking for sparkling and exotic formal clothes for that special function or event then you must not miss checking out the gorgeous range at Champagne! Sparkling Culture.   This all-black beautifully executed ‘Poete’ outfit is a departure from the usual sparkling colors (oh yes there are five other choices with more brilliant hews) but it is one that the more conservative dudes would like i’m sure.   The main hilite for this outfit is the neat astro style collar with extra ribbon extending from the collar to break up the otherwise austere line of the jacket.   This outfit includes jacket, pants and the gloves and there’s demos to try.





Outfit – Champagne! – Poete black – only at the store
Shoes – coepio – Mr.Flat with HUD SLink – @ Marketplace
Hair – Dura – Dura-Boys*53 – @ Marketplace
Glasses – Redgrave – Sunglasses AVIATORS/V1.1 – @ Marketplace
Car – Haru Motors – MR Orange 1.0 – only at store


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dig this ︿_____︿_ψ_ ☼

This outfit by :::Breath::: i’m wearing was created for The Seasons Story Fall event.   It comprises the Akamura sweater; mesh suspenders and Autumn pants; they are sold individually and there’s a big range of colors & designs to choose from.   I notice in the SL Forums a lot of older dudes complain about clothes not suitable for their age so they should take a look at this outfit as its kinda ageless style.   Free demos to try out and you have until the end of the month to go visit TSS.





Shirt – :::B::: – shirt black/white – @ TSS 
Pant – :::B::: – houndstooth check/black – @ TSS
Suspenders – :::B::: – suspenders w/HUD – @ TSS
Shoes – Big O – SLink O-zone S-Word black @ Marketplace
Hair – Argrace – Taylor – @ Marketplace
Poses – Verocity – Tom pose set – @ Marketplace
Skin & Bod by VyC
*SL Destination – LEA 7


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