I found a store on the Marketplace called .:MooZ:. it’s for dudes lol…actually I like the style of clothes which are kinda ‘normcore’ (hey what’s normcore ?).  Love the double Tees and roll up jean cuffs.  Basically budget prices with free demos to try.

The poses I used are neat too (from Juxtapose) called “Bruiser”, umm but i’m no bruiser lol.
Take cares peeps and hopes your having a good Easter !




Shirt – MooZ – [Ben] Mesh Double T-shirt black – only @ Marketplace
Pant – MooZ – {Mercury} Roll up cuffs jean dark blue – only @ Marketplace
Shoes – MooZ -Santolina meshmen’s boots Beige – only @ Marketplace
Hair – Salon de Glow – M-03
SL Destination – *Frisland*


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easter ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

To those peeps who celebrate Easter i’m wishing you a safe and blessed time ♥ȡąɲąƒ

If your into fantasy stuff and/or cosplay you must check out the FATEplay creations from FATEwear. I’m wearing the latest ‘Kingslayer’ outfit which is rather kewl (includes seperate coat, pant, belt & gloves).    I couldnt find the FATEplay clothes section at the store and bought off the Marketplace…later when I had time I discovered that FATEplay is to the left of FATEwear – in an underground building!   I’m not sure why there’s no sign or footprint to lead you from the landing !   

Finding boots for the pants (as no shoes/boots included) ;  was difficult, a boot cut version would be nice..  this is a bug and one that a lot of designers don’t consider. 
The SL destination I used was the Happy Mood Forest; its really a store (sell rabbit, bunny and many plants, tree, grass and miscellaneous goods) a neat way to demonstrate the products! 




Outfit – FATEplay – Nick/Original – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Shelley Laufer – Men’s formal ankle boots – only @ Marketplace
Hair – – Rex hair Meteor – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Happy Mood Forest


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fashion tek

There’s kinda a big shift by leading fashion designers where now mega HUDS are becoming the industry standard  leaving the old FatPacks to lie collecting dust on the store shelves.   No longer does one have to fill a wardrobe with loads of different colored  garments.   The vest & shirt, the pants and the shoes i’m wearing are all served by huds which give an amazing choice of  colors & textures to select.  

The next phase now is the Fitmesh (inc Materials technology) which means only one object to wear  + alpha and a hud….a super space saving marvel.  Not all designers are on this road yet but its only a matter of time; sewing prims for fashion is not likely to be profitable for much longer.
Uh oh and now Linden Lab has just released a whole lot of info about different Avatar Types and fitting clothes; so just when I was expecting things to get simple ! read about it here





Top – Casa D – Mesh Vest w shirt (15 x 15 options) – @ Marketplace
Pants – coepio – MrJunk with Hud 
Shoes – Super Kingdom – Low Tops mesh shoes 2.1 – only @ Marketplace
Hair – monso – My Hair Yong/ Pop
Watch – Bad Unicorn – Orange unisex wrist watch – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – ACC ALPHA (Art and Content Creation)


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stellar ★*

Its a long way to the stars, but I wanted to catch the eyes of youse peeps who dont want to spend too much on their wardrobe.   Electric Feel fashions ” was created not for the money or to get rich quickly but for the pure pleasure to create clothing for men that is of  high quality and affordable”.

So scope this out, the ‘Manson’ outfit which includes collared shirt with rolled up cuff and sportive slim pants costed L$50 and the shoes were L$30 extra.   As you can see from the pics the clothes are defintely stylish and would make any dude look hot.   The store has a kewl range of outfits (inc suits) all at incredibly low price.  You should go check it out.




Outfit – *EF* – Manson (pant + shirt) – @ Marketplace
Shoes – *EF* – Ricky shoes beige – @ Marketplace
Bag – XIAJ - Meimei stachel – gacha @ The Seasons Story event
                          Bracelets – Mandala – SINRA2 bracelet set / silver moon – @ Marketplace                     
SL Destination – Cafe Tears


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easter fun

I had much fun checking out this years Easter Town where you can do everything from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloon tours and even take pictures with the err sinister looking Easter Bunny lol !!   There is also an egg decorating contest with L$6,500 in prize money.

I picked up the cardi & sweater (with hud to change the sweater) at an event called Kustom 9 which I think has now closed because I cant TP back there anymore.   The shoes were from a gatcha machine there too (but have been relocated to the Sabotage main store) !    I like the cardi because its long and I can wear it with jocks underneath around the house.  Oh yeah and the cap comes with the hair which makes it easy to fit ‘n that.   NB:  I cannot now find Kustom 9 or the cardi & sweater designer !  kinda weird and a shame.




Top – .potcha & 2byte – Mohair cardigan & sweater (M) – Kustom 9 event (shut)
Pant – XODOHTRONU – Basketball shorts black style 1 – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Sabotage – Zanotti sneakers Ying-Yang – Kustom 9 event (shut)
Cap – CS420 – Backward Hat Hair – @ Marketplace
Sunglasses – HOC Industries – Neon sunglasses w/hud – @ Marketplace
Carrot – Dirtyland – Mouth Carrot – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – 2014 EASTER TOWN !!!


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sharp 刀

It’s not the first time iv’e dressed up and snatched the katana sword off the wall, but it’s the first time i’ve ever worn garments from Yasum or Undone.   I’m not sure of the relationship between the two,  both are located in the same shopping center and employ similar ‘Mega Huds” and are into steampunk designs.   Anyways the kewl shirt with the embossed japanese lettering (wonder what it says ?! ) led me to dress up like this; and ofcourse perfect for SL role-play.   The shirt and pant come with huds to give a choice of whites, blacks, greys & maroon.  Free demos to try.




Shirt – UnDone – Buckle shirt Mega Hud controlled – @ Marketplace
Pant – Yasum – Capri joggers Mega Hud controlled – @ Marketplace
Boots –  Yasum – Combat Trash *Common*Metall Chess – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Gloster Hair/Winter – @ Marketplace
Bracelets – Mandala – SINRA2 / SILVER MOON – @ Marketplace
Sword – Mesh Mafia – Full-Perm Katana 01 – @ Marketplace
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Sometime I can give no explanation as to what you see in this blog !  Mainly it supposed to be SL fashion for dudes but there are distractions like this one.   Some of the newer followers wont know that I have a (rich) Uncle and a (bad) second cousin twice removed who both cause me some griefs at times…and well my second cousin told me to go check out this elephant he owns on a time share basis.   As you can see its got an attitude as bad as my cousins but for once maybe I have the best laugh ( I hopes ? ) lol.

BTW two great shopping events for dudes are underway dont miss out taking a look ie the Mens Dept and the Japan Fair.     Take cares ♥ ȡąɲąƒ


Shirt – Sheep Door – Flannel shirt – from Japan Fair
Jeans – Just Cool - OMG Jeans (inc u/wear & belt) – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Valiant – Verts – from past Collabor88 event
Hair – Tukinowaguma – Celso – from Japan Fair
Watch – u3D – Sport watch red – @ Marketplace
Wallet – XIAJ -  Weaved neck wallet – Gacha item
SL Destination – D’s Wicked Gallery


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