What I was trying to do here was to show you one of the twelve different textured Polo Shirts designed and made by “Chronokit” ; they were originally released a couple of months ago for both guys & gals ♂♀.   The shirts are Liquid Mesh work so I would suggest you try out the free demo first to ensure it fits ok.  I had a minor problem with the right hand sleeve not covering fully, maybe my bicep is bigger on that side lol ?    I matched the Polo up with a nice pair of UnderDogs labelled shorts.

The pics were taken at the Sarawak sim, as you can see there was a tropical/jungle atmosphere and there’s many animation props tastefully spread around for either couples or singles; it’s basically open house for visitors.




Shirts – Chronokit – Poloshirts 01 sky 
Pant – UnderDogs – Corbin shorts red plaid – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Illi – SLink Alex with HUD – only @ Marketplace
Hair – Reila Skins – Leo hair – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Milady’s – Platinum/Gold necklace – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Aidoru – cool man ID bracelet 12gbf silver – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Sarawak


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fiddling ♫♬

Hullos!  i’m fiddling away in SL Amsterdam !  I was absolutely happy with these clothes; a new release from the fashion label !gO!.   I bought the outfit  jacket & shirt plus the shirt by itself plus the pants (there’s quite a few ‘sets’ and you can mix and match).   Take a close look you will see some of the shirt is pulling out from the waist; a super casual look…and you can like !go! out formal wearing the jacket and when you get home change into the shirt.   And yep if you wanna show off your six pack you can wear the jacket without shirt as well. 





Outfit – !gO! – Todd jacket & shirt / shirt / pant – @ Marketplace
Boots – Redgrave – Walkers – @ Marketplace
Hair – EMO-tions – *JAMIE* – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Milady’s – Platinum/gold necklace – @ Marketplace
Bracelet / Ring – Blushed – Essentials for Men  Set 1 – @ Marketplace
Violin – Jarmade Spires
SL Destination – De Dam Square


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survivor SL ☢

Role Play in all its forms has a big part in SL, in fact some would say its just one big role play lol.   Anyways if your interested in nuclear holicausts ‘n that you will need the right stuff to look the part in places like the Wastelands.   I would recommend swinging by the FATEwear store which now has an expanded range of aptly named ‘FATEplay‘ clothing just for this purpose.   

I picked out the ‘Nuclear War Survivor’ outfit which is materials enhanced.  To increase versatility there is optional shirts plus clean and dirty versions of the clothing and a very neat ArmPod.  Awesome!!




Outfit – FATEplay – Mickey – @ Marketplace
Hair – Unorthodox – Usher mohawk +  Wave mohawk – @ Marketplace
Tattoo – Coca & Wolf – Tattoo Crack – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Brooklyn (part of Wastelands)
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balanced act

One of the happy things about Second Life is the creativity of its people.    I went to look at a “MIXMATCH” sales event but ohhh! it was all packed up and gone !    Anyways I took a look around and oh my goodness there’s some Art installation nearby and then I see there’s some chairs ‘n then i’m jumping around trying to wrestle with the huge chairs lol !   





Shirt – *Shai* – mens argonaut shirt 
Pants – Alyce – tight denim skinny jeans / 150 colors – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Big O – O-zone Weretiger (for SLink feet)  – @ Marketplace
Hair - bOON – BON000 hair – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Milady’s – -D- platinum/gold – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – AIDORU – cool man ID barcelet 12gbf silver – @ Marketplace
Watch – TP!B – Mono watch (Neon Animal) – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – creativity @ its finest 


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tune up

Yes, wearing another over blogged item from Collabor88 (C88) but make no apology for doing so cuz this item really is so neat and versatile (that’s why bloggers like me jumped on it) ;  its a loose fit ‘cropped’ sweater (available in 4 colors) from Monso ; there’s guys ‘n gals sizes which is kewl.   Mesh materials tech is used so the texture can sometimes ‘shine’ and look like plastic if you have set your windlight settings on advanced lighting.  Just play around with your settings a bit and no problem !

The pants from ZED are also materials tech too; i’m always amazed at the quality & quantity of ZEDs clothing and this pair of Junker cargo pants are no exception; absolutely perfect in every detail.





Sweater – monso – My cropped sweater – @ C88event
Pant – ZED – mesh junker cargo pants – @ Marketplace
Boots – ZED – mesh hardcore boots black skulls – @ Marketplace
Hair – INK – TOTES
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alley ways

So being impressed with the Howl ‘Zeus’ blazer featured at the Collabor88 event, I swung by the actual store to take a look and had a super time trying on all the clothes there!  OMG gorgeous stuff! I came away with this muscle shirt (including the waist shirt) which took my fancy.   I love the detailed stitching and arm roll ups which make it more than just a basic item (oh yeah ‘n HUDs to change textures), maybe its a bit more expensive but in the end its worth having clothes that are so nicely made.





Shirt – Howl – Rui summer outfit (with HUDs)
Pant – Gizza – BoardShorts (with HUD) – @ Marketplace
Sandals – ILLI – SLink SDean with HUD – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Valentin Hair – from Fameshed event (closed)
Glasses – To Be Unique – NERD glasses & sunglasses –  only @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Kosh – LOR bracelet – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Intense City


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One of the fashion sales events I do like to go to is Collabor88 (which is happening right now).   This month is also its’ third anniversary which is some kinda achievement in the ever changing SL scene. There’s little actual info I could find about the concept other than the organisers collaborate with some of the best fashion designers and we go buy lol!   It mainly focusses on fashion for the lady but there’s always a few pickings for us dudes too.

This Howl labelled  ‘Zeus blazer’  (with open shirt & waistcoat) @ Collabor88 is smart & stylish and the designer has played around with the waistcoat to give us something quite conceptual and unique.  



Blazer – Howl – Zeus Blazer – @ Collabor88 event
Pant – Just Cool – Skinny jeans – @ Marketplace
Shoes – 2Real – MAX – @ Marketplace
Hair – Dura – Boys&Girls*30 – @ Marketplace


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