There’s this gorgeously opulent Mansion owned by Marcus Lefevre which welcomes visitors.  “My home has to be an expression of openness, elegance and Eternity (available for weddings, concerts, photography, blogging or just to spend and enjoy time in luxury)”  he says.  The Lefevre Mansion and Lefevre Mansion Park were designed and built by Kaya Angel, creator and owner of the famed and popular Rose Theater/ Angel Manor.  More info here.

The shirt with vest is sold by PEER Style men’s fashion.  From what I understand PEER has been trading in SL for a long time, not only selling clothing but also male AVI shape & skins.  It now seems to be going thru a rejuvenation process after having moved to adopt mesh clothing; well worth a visit to see what’s hanging on the racks at the store.




Shirt/vest – PEER – Klaus double vest : Latte & Moss- @ Marketplace
Pant – Eternity Inc – T H E low rise pants khaki – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Kauna – Brogues brfown – @ Marketplace
Rings – Mandala – POLLY ring = @ Marketplace
Hair – Discord Designs – Charlie hair – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – The Lefevre Mansion (open to visit)
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juicy jacket

Citrus Creations is another store I have never seen before.    It’s “devoted to bringing high quality fashion with attention to detail and design at affordable prices”.    From looking at the blog its doors have been open for a year and a bit.   I was attracted to the red leather jacket but when I buy it I got a blue jacket instead !  Anyways I notecarded the owner and after a few days was given the red one; so cant complain about after sales service.

There’s a lot of  similar jackets like this in the various stores but I would have to say the Citrus jacket is by way the smartest look.   I did like the special finish to the cuffs on the sleeves and the overall detailing, very classy and a pleasure to wear.





Jacket – Citrus – Mens leather red man jacket
Jeans – GAS – Jeans new denim 4 colors with HUD – @ Marketplace
Shoes – 2Real – PURE 1 shoes – @ Marketplace
Hair – Dura – The 4th Anniversary hair (group gift)


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beautiful balloon

I visited yet another Fashion event mainly cuz I found a blog which featured a men’s outfit there; this one’s called the .: The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair :..  So I went around ‘n around….and around looking but couldn’t find it cuz so many shops and I was starting to feel crazy ‘n dizzy but … good luck! I did find another dezigner who displayed a nice outfit which I am wearing now.  The Fair runs until the end of the month..




Shirt – JesyDream –  Open slim shirt men – @ NNFair
Pant – JesyDream – WILD suspender Jeans Beige PLAID – @ NN Fair
Shoes – 2Real – LOW CUTTLERZ – @ Marketplace
Hair/hat – C’est la vie – x GLOW porkpie hat
Tattoo – B*FLY – Hannya mask mesh sleeve – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Vexiin – Cuban Link (chain) – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Mandala – HOKUSA/BLACK – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – {meka} DeLeon Springs


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one scooper

I’m still having fun trying out my new SLink mesh hands and feet; most likely I am the last of the fashion bloggers to adopt these lol!    Anyways, I bought the whole set of hands and each one you have to unpack so i’m still doin that.  I noticed after taking these pics that the hands dont necessarily like some of the static pose positions, notes I will have to watch out for that.  I think the feet are best cuz you can buy sandals and shoes that are a perfect fit for them.



Shirt – Shai – Men’s striped polo – @ Marketplace 
Pant – Shai – Men’s denim shorts – @ Marketplace
Sandals – Platypus – SLink casual male sandal – @ Marketplace
Hair – monso – My Hair/ Yong
Watch – RYCA – Lego – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – {meka} DeLeon Springs


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summer skin

I have been wearing for many months a skin from THE SHOPS which I really liked but I was getting annoyed with the lack of SLink compatibility with hands & feet, so iv’e been looking around.   In my search I used a list from SLink’s available appliers which Siddean Munro has meticulously compiled
( includes TP links and ones that have mens skins ) which made this task somewhat easier.

Finally I am now wearing a skin and shape (KENZO) from .:VyC:. its in fact an ‘old’ skin (18 months) but the SL appliers work with it (so easy) and the shape with adjustment has enabled me to thin down to fit more of the twink style.  
The SLink feet were a dream to use and match;  VyC provides the right applier colors for free.   Haven’t tried out hands yet.

Sheep Door_003a Sheep Door_001a Sheep Door_004a

Jacket – Sheep Door – Open Parka Mesh Yellow – @ The Seasons Story event (July)
Pant – Sheep Door – Surf Pants Mesh Border Yellow – @ The Seasons Story event (July)
Hair – Argrace – Haruka – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – ABC – Pride Lands wriost band seagreen – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – The Beach


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Decked out in a fluffy fur coat is like every  boys  girls dream.    And so in a moment of weakness I snuck into the Bliss Couture store and bought this outfit !    Now I am secretly cruising about at one of these sleezy SL destinations  ‘tho I was juss shown out the door at the local Club ………….!

BTW sadly Bliss Couture is closing down and have lots of beautiful gowns, dresses, etc  reduced by up to 90% at the store.




Outfit – Bliss Couture – Bliss Fur! Bayonne fur coat/skinny jeans capri – @ Marketplace
Shoes – iNEDIT – footwear038 *Pierce* – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tukinowaguma – Celso 1 – @ Marketplace
Necklace – RYCA – Chain Cuban S Gold – @ Marketplace
Glasses – {*I <3 FashiOn*} – Divas Sunglasses – Brown(MESH) – only @ Marketplace
Clutch – Indy&Co – Snakeskin clutch Gold – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – COX CITY – adult male AV only


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dusk in the city

It is really hard to resist buying clothes at the various sales events such as the Men’s Dept (TMD), Collarbor88 and the Seasons Story Summer.   I guess part reason is cuz knowing that they are new creations (well mostly anyways) that makes them desirable and wantable like.   This V-neck summer knit sweater by Kitt Karu sold under the brand name of  ::K:   looked so nice hanging on the racks and of-course I buy it !

Just thinking, these sales events must pull away a lot of shoppers from the regular fashion stores; retailing clothes in SL must be a nightmare but that is the fashion world isn’t it.
Take cares & thnX for checking out my blog !




Sweater – ::K: – V-Neck summer knit homme blue – @ TMD event July
Pant – Deadwool – Joad pants green – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Casa D. – Sneakers – @ Marketplace
Hair – Shag – My Command –  only @ Marketplace 
Guitar case – 22769 – guitarbag black check – @ Marketplace


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