sand kingdom ░░▒

I’m relying a lot on sales events blogs like ‘eloquence’ to see what might be of interest rather than wasting time going up and down the streets trying to see if there’s stuff for dudes there or not.    I did that to find this quite unique ‘London Cut’ outfit (jacket + pant) from Yasum which is for sale at the Shiny Shabby event.    BTW this event seems well organised; I  found the Yasum label posted on the wall at the landing point; one click then and I was at the store !

On checking my posts I found that I had only tried clothes from Yasum but once before, over a year ago it was.    BTW the inworld store is very nicely presented; the owner has a limit on the number of items for sale which I guess means that stock won’t stick around on the racks forever.    The Marketplace seems to be judiciously managed as well.
I chose the Kingdom of Sand, an Action Roleplay SIM, in and around the Arabian Fantasy city of Ireem for the photoshoot; no one seemed to mind me being there and it was amazing to see someone on a horse ride off into the distance with the dust billowing behind !




Outfit – Yasum – ‘London Cut’ w/MegaHUD – @ Shiny Shabby event
Shoes – .:ILLI:. – Khronoz sandal SLink w/HUD – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Dreadlocks series Monk Hair – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Milady’s – Platinum/Gold necklace – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Kingdom of Sand 2 
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar . 


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well done ✔

A conservative look today but don’t let that deceive you cuz i’m wearing some  original designed & created clothes from Casa del Shai (*Shai* label).    If you look close you may be able to see there’s some neat detail in the shirt including hidden pocket, nicely finished collar & cuffs and decent button fastenings ! 

All the mesh items are low poly with proper LODs , materials enabled and amount only to 1-2 Land Impact as packaged.   Shai makes all the apparels herself, including rigging, texturing and modelling..

The pics were taken outside the Misaki Bakery on the ROCH sim.  ROCH has a rugged windswept landscape and has been in existence for quite a long time it’s a veritable photographers paradise. 




Shirt – Shai – Mens long sleeve dots shirt – @ Marketplace
Pant – Shai – Mens relaxed jeans – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Flite. – Court slides SLink – @ No21 event
Hair – [kik] – Ethan
SL Desination – ROCHE
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .


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baja boardwalk ~~╔

The thing I like about Sin Knollers (Scars label) creations is his chic style that favours timeless looks for any fashion conscious dude.   Currently he is limiting new releases to The Men’s Dept monthly events (then available in the store after that).    His latest release is a classic U-neck Tshirt matched with Shirring sarouel pants, all available in a range of plain colors.   Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the collar could be made to slip off the shoulder ? 

OK, now the boardwalk is at Baja Norte and the sim has been upgraded for summer ; yay !!!,  there’s two new installations for you to explore and use; informations is at the landing point.   You can experience the beauty of Northern Baja California with Maoli Waves & Surfboards along with public romantic beaches, white sand, surfing, music, lighthouse, nature photography and wait …even goats!  lol.



Shirt – Scars – U neck T-shirts – @ The Mens Dept
Pant – Scars – Shirring arouel pants Ver.2  – @ The Mens Dept
Shoes – ADRIATIC – Mesh flat sandals W/HUD – @ Marketplace
Watch – [Z O O M] – Kramuh Watch – @ Cosmopolitan event (closed)
Hair – [INK] – Hair__MID – @ The Men’s Dept
SL Destination –  Baja Norte
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .  
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temptation ❦

I was led to the Hydra Isles and Umbral Photography by SL explorer Pearl Grey  (who btw is an ardent and much appreciated supporter of my Blog) after looking at her Flickr Pix “Umbral Perch”   I could not resist the temptation to go sit right there !

Umbral (rated Adult) is a place created for photography, including seasonal landscapes, lakes, full house, animated bridges, free permits to rez your own poses).
OK back to the fashion bit, I was hankerin to find some vertical striped shorts to wear and soon found that there is a limited selection; I ended picking from Alpha.Lab their summer shorts which come with a texture hud; I had hoped for something a little more definite in contrast.  .::ILLI::. has released the Khronoz sandal currently featured at this month’s Cosmopolitan sales event (they are made for TMP male & SLink male flat feet).




Shirt – V-Spot – Hot dots open shirt – @ Marketplace
Tank Top – KARMA – Tank Top Kaki Mummy – only @ Marketplace
Pant – alpha.lab – Men’s summer shorts w/HUD  – only @ Marketplace
Shoes – .:ILLI:. – Khronoz Sandals – @ Cosmopolitan event (ends May 24)
Hair – [kik] – Ken hair
SL Destination – Umbral Photography
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .  
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dimension ◣◥

At the moment there’s an interesting 3D art exhibit on LEA29 sim created by Italian artist Mistero Hifeng; he is apparently well known in SL and likes to create the sort of things you will see there if you visit.    It’s for a limited time so don’t put it off for too long! 

There seems to be a steady stream of visitors and I encountered some griefers having fun as well; they targetted me but as is the best way I didn’t react and sat down while I went off in RL to have some food; when I returned they were nought to be seen; sorry to have spoiled their fun.
The cardi & shorts I’m wearing were picked up from the REBELLION Clothing Company who are dedicated to producing alternative stylish items ranging from punk, grunge, rock, hipster, and casual wear.   They come with neat HUDs to change the color options, as you can see from the pics the cardi can also be worn with or without a shirt.




Cardigan – REBELLION – “Haze” cardigan w/HUD – @ Marketplace
Pant – REBELLION – “Riot” saggin shorts w/HUD – @ Marketplace
Shoes – .:ILLI:. – Jordan Sneaker/deluxe SLink – @ Marketplace
Necklace – !WG! – mens love choker chain – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – :Fusion: – bracelet – @ Marketplace
Hair – ZEUS – Y-45 TEX dolce 9 color cap – only @ Marketplace
Staff – KRUX – walker staff v1.2 – only @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Cammimo e Vivo Capovoloto
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .  
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starry sky ╰ ☆ ╮

Hullos …iv’e been on the ‘lookout’ for a new outfit for a while and have finally settled on this one from GizzA Creations.    The Salwar Outfit for men comes as a neat tailored blazer jacket with ethnic inspired tapered pants and includes matching high top boots.     It only comes in one color (black) and without shirt.    You will notice I have fitted a singlet underneath.     BTW the jewelry from ^^swallow^^ (earrings, necklace & ring) matched up nicely with the outfit; very wearable.




Outfit – GizzA – Salwar Outfit inc Jacob boots – @ Marketplace
Shirt – W/urban – tank porn – @ Marketplace
Jewelry – swallow – necklace Rosary Cross | Ring Safari | earrings Cross Gem – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tukinowaguma – Ebbe 2 – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Barefoot Wanders LEA9

. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .  


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detention (◣_◢)┌∩┐

I couldn’t resist the flamboyance of ODDITY designs latest creation; the ‘Constantine’ shirt comes supplied with Fitmesh (one size supposed to fit all) and a multi HUD to select 28 colors, 8 button textures, Bright On/Off and Materials On/Off. The thing that bothered me a little was the printed pattern on the shirt, the closer you get to it the more blur it becomes but anyways from a distance where most peeps will view it nobody is gonna really notice.

The ‘Pioneer’ pant from ODDITY provides Fitmesh along with different leg options inc flatted cuffs, ankle boots, calf boots & knee high boots. As with all things Fitmesh make sure you try the Demo first to avoid disappointment.  Yeah, and you get four seperate HUDs to change the color of the pant and adjust brightness & materials.
I really like the  boots from {kokoia} nice detail altho like some other shoe makers the size looks too big on my XS sized SLink feet.    Oh yes… BTW another aside for you!  I discovered today that the ‘Hover Height’ slider is back again in the new Firestorm Viewer; awesome, I had missed that so much.  You can find it by right click on your avi & look down the list.




Shirt – ODDITY – Constantine / Colors – @ Marketplace
Pant – ODDITY – Pioneer / worn leather – @ Marketplace
Shoes – {kokoia} – Belleville ::man:: SLink + classic avi – @ Marketplace
Hair – Tukinowaguma – Ebbe – @ Marketplace
Watch – The Mesh Shop – Daytona Cosmograph GOLD – @ Marketplace
Earrings – Swallow – Cross Gem – @ Marketplace
. all clothes modeled are for the standard/classic avatar .  
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