tatooine touch ▒▓

Another newish store selling clothing, shoes & accessories for both guys & gals is one called NoName.   I visited the store and tried out some of the wears (demos); oh my goodness they are keen on adding straps ‘n things!   The jacket, pants & shoes i’m wearing all come from NoName; what I did like was the very useable HUD with each item so you can change the color & textures; very neat & useful.  Watch out the shoes only fit if you have SLink feet. 

I wasn’t sure about the jacket; how would it look ‘n that; actually it looked better when the materials setting was enabled in my viewer.   I was thinking about like a Brigadoon style look but then I found a neat turban to fit on my head, so off to the desert on Tatooine (remember StarWars).

nn_004x800 nnCx800 nn_013x800

Jacket – [nn] – Troy jacket 
Pant – [nn] – Kramer pants
Shoes – [nn] – Shawn Sneakers (SLink only)
Turban – PFC – Tuareg – @ Marketplace
Gloves – ZED – mesh black fingerless biker gloves – @ Marketplace
Goggles – Tokugawa – Hacker goggles – @ Marketplace
Tattoo – M2M – YC/Dirty Face – only @ Marketplace
Eyeliner – † MONSTER † – eyeshadow BoyEyes – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Desert on Tatooine 
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soft ‘n subtle §§§§

Plaid style always seems to be in fashion and AITUI™ menswear released a new tri-color plaid shirt at the Creation.jp event;  there’s a variety of colors to choose from; this time I decided to go for something soft and subtle (ok well, yes I did overdo the background for the pics a bit lol!).   

BTW AITUI™ offers exclusive content made especially for the brand.  Menswear items are not found anywhere else on the grid. 




Shirt – AITUI – Plaid soft blue top – @ Creation.jp event (until April 18)
Pant – United Colors – low rose dark blue jeans (unisex) – @ Men only Monthly event (until April 19)
Shoes – The Big O – O-zone | Weretiger | black & grey – @ Martketplace
Hair – elua – Fran (unisex) black – only at Store
Backpack – Kenvie – Convey backpack red/brown – @ Men only Monthly event (until April 19)
Bracelet – Mhaijik Things – Bracelet 3 for men black & blue block cord – only @ Marketplace
Phone – Muschi – Galax SL5 – @ Marketplace


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tangled ண

One of the things I always puzzle about is deciding which pics to show you; I usually take around 12 +/- shots to choose from.    In WordPress the first one posted supposed to be like good cuz that’s the one the followers are gonna see first.    I also do  Flickr  and there I put the best picture (in my eyes) also to be seen first but what ?! duhh! they will go hit more on another pic I place underneath lol.    I’m not being too serious about this juss what I was thinkin;  and if your a follower thanks for following !

Kitt Ragu from the ::K:: store has juss released for this month’s Shiny Shabby event this BOHO (Bohemian) kurta & pant for guys & gals.   With spring n’ that around the corner its the perfect casual relax outfit.   I love the bold pattern of the pants which make them quite stunning; and the roman style stitching around the hem, collar & sleeves of the kurta adds a neat contrast to an otherwise plain top. 




Shirt – ::K:: – Chillin Kurta – @ Shiny Shabby event
Pant – ::K:: – Chillan pants homme/femme BOHO – @ Shiny Shabby event
Shoes – ILLI – Sandals SLINK Alex with HUD – @ Marketplace
Hair – +elua+ – Fran black (unisex)
Necklace & watch – MANDALA Jewelry – unisex KOTOWARI set – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Timeless Memories


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future shock ♒

It’s amazing what you can discover when wandering around clothes stores, like I was checking out Dot-be which is a well established clothing label with a signature of using colorful textures and creating a nice array of complete outfits.  I went to check the latest releases there and wow I found this kinda racy future look outfit !  As you know I am always complaining about the lack of cropped shirts so I juss had to have this outfit yup !

The shirt comes with a hud to enable different color shirts plus the stipes bits; very kewl.   I know your thinkin wha-aat who is gonna wear this ?  I think the sci-fi RP dudes or going for a future shock look at a dance club mainly.  




Outfit – Dot-be – Fabiano outfit – @ Marketplace
Gloves – ZED – black fingerless biker gloves (with fingers) – @ Marketplace
Shoes – BLM MESH – FAS-0001 Men’s apex sneakers – @ Marketplace
Hair – Lotus – TAKAYA – @ Marketplace
Glasses – Rapture – BV-7 ballistic visor 1.0 – @ Marketplace
Gun – Bloody Mess – Prop holster willy gun –  only @ Marketplace


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3 ways ←↑→

One store in SL that’s been selling menswear (and hair too btw) for a long time is Iruco; the style fits the trendy urban look.   As a boutique store there’s just a select range of apparels to choose from.   The tailored jacket and the pants i’m wearing are new releases.

The jacket is a combo, sold seperately in five different shades (whites/browns/blacks) some of which are two toned along with included add-ons (ie. shirt&tie / knit texture change HUD).   So, basically you have 3 ways how you wear it, check out my pics for that.   Free demos to try on first.



Jacket – Iruco – Tailored jacket (gray/black) 
Pant – Iruco – Colored skinny
Shoes – .:KC:. – AARON Male ankle boot sneakers (SLink) – @ Marketplace
Tattoo – AR2 Style – Spades tattoo – @ Skin Fair 2 event
Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*58 – @ Marketplace
Bag – REPRESENT – Croc embossed duffle bag – @ March TLC event
Poses – Sari-Sari – Bon Voyage – @  March TLC event
SL Destination – POPPYPORT>Road&Ferry Terminus


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2b a classic 大

I have started to notice the winds of change blowing thru the SL World as another techno transformation starts to gain traction.   The rise of the full mesh male avi is now aiming for dominance over those of us who are categorized as “classic” male Avatars (yup similar scene for the girls too).

My shape & skin creator Vee from .:VyC:. Men’s Body Shop explains what’s kinda going on :
“Since Linden Labs introduced Meshes and an improved avatar skeleton -without delivering a new built-in avatar shape- lots of creators tried to deliver a more or less solid mesh avatar system. The newborn products, released to appeal the rise of high demand of Mesh Avatars, have brought more or less another additional standard, confusion, or just plan failures. A long and troubled wait was obviously necessary for a third party to handle this enormous amount of work to create the popularly demanded Avatar 2.0. #TheMeshProject is doing a great job. It’s still a beta, but actually, in my opinion, it represents the most promising solution out there, for male avatars. The customization for mesh avatars is more limited than the classic avatar, undoubtedly some points of strength like the online editing system, retro compatibility and easy updating system feel like a solid modern approach – and I must say- it’s remarkable, from a developer point of view.”
What hasn’t been mentioned is that the cost of a fully customize-able mesh shape is hugely expensive by the time you buy the mesh head + a separate body + skin and add-ons.   So, for now, i’m juss gonna lie low with my classic self and see how this all works out.



Hat – CheerNo – Hair Ramires Darks with beanie – @ Marketplace
Shirt – COLD-ASH – Mens MESH LAKESHORE Shirt (-Original-) – @ Marketplace
Pant – Pumpkin – Baggy jeans (faded orange) – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Acme Pixel Works – Khaya Bracelets for SLink hands – @ Marketplace
Tattoo – AITUI – Asinkra tattoo – @ Marketplace
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no fear √v^√v^√

There never seems to be much in the way of cropped shirts or jackets for dudes in SL; its cuz there’s not much  market for them I guess.   Anyways I like them and super to wear at dances ‘n that for a bit of a tease.   I discover Leks & Eric are into making this kind of apparel, beach stuff & casual so here was my chance; so ok I decided like to wear a tank along with the cropped jacket-anorak just to take some of the steam out of being leveled overly narcissistic lol.   I was impressed the way everything fitted together given that the only choice was FitMesh size (yes, there’s demos to try).




Jacket – L&E – jacket-anorak – @ Marketplace
Tank – L&E – sexy tank & tattoo – @ Marketplace
Pant – L&E – pants for a walk – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Avatar Bizarre – Medieval sandal (SLink) – @ Marketplace
Hair – ARGRACE – Taylor – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Purgatory Barrens (home of the nameless one)


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