tiki touch ๑₪₪๑₪

This is juss kinda a mid week fun post lol.   The animations in the Tiki Bar I found are fun too; you can work out the story yourself lol.   Take cares & love you all !




Shirt – MAYWAY – Shoulder shirt (mesh) Swag – @ Marketplace
Pant – flow. – Wix denim sweatpants 06 – @ Marketplace
Watch – VALE KOER – digital watch R-66Y – @ Marketplace
Shoes - ILLI – SLink Sean with Hud – @ Marketplace
Cap – ARGRACE – Baseball cap2/Kyler B hair – @ Marketplace
Poolhouse – Tiki Tattoo – Beach Tiki Bar (mesh) – @ Marketplace
SL Location – Vida Virtual RPG

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tom •͡˘㇁•͡˘

OMG I hope you can handle this next bit lol!  well, umm,  ok I bought a women’s suit !! ;  it was by accident cuz as a hothead I din’t take much notice that I was actually in a womens store (well its name is Addams which doesn’t give you much of a clue lol)  and  most of the apparel looked suitable for dudes !   So must be for the tomboys then (now thinking Ellen DeGeneres)  ?
I struggled to get it to fit but hey dude I am fairly pleased with myself with just a few minor adjustment…and if I hadn’t told you, you would never knows lol. 

I wish some of the male fashion designers could follow suit (no pun intended!) and run up a few as good as this.   The suit is so beautifully detailed and  comes with a huge range of configurations via a Hud system like long arms, short arms, shirt/no shirt, bow tie or not, pocket scarf or not, belt etc. and oh yeah, the belt is one of the best iv’e ever seen btw.




Jacket – Addams – Striped suit jacket with shirt/green – @ Marketplace
Pant – Addams – Pants suit with belt/green – @ Marketplace
Boots – GIOMEN – Drakle boots + Hud
Hair – INK – SERIOUS ::Black/coal – sold @ The Men’s Dept  Feb event (closed)
Watch – :BAMSE: – Classic Watch – only @ Marketplace
SL Destination – S.s (The Chamber Library)

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sweat ❚█══█❚

Howdy! a lil more earthy this weekend; hope u dont mind but it’s nice sometimes to do something different  (umm well, like keeping my bod in shape);  i’m not sure how many pixels I shed after my workout at the gym lol.

The tanktop I love; first the style is different to most i have seen (defntl’y for athletic types); it is sheer see thru (look very hard you can see my star tattoos).   There’s a choice of four colors, and was originally designed by the Dufaux Mesh Boutique for the Mesh Project male body; but I am pleased to say they also included a copy for the ordinary SL Avatar.   You will need to try the free demo first as there are some size limitations (simple info provided in a notecard).



Shirt – DUFAUX – loose tank sheer red – only @ Marketplace
Pant – flow. – XXIII shorts – @ Marketplace
Sox – EB Atelier – mesh socks tops resizable – @ Marketplace
Shoes – bradbdesign – DARB – DAEDRIX sneakers
Watch – VALE KOER – digital R-66Y – @ Marketplace
Hair – Coma – Jonas Hair – @ Marketplace
SL Location – Vida Virtual RPG

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stretch ᕙ( )ᕗ

Showing the recently released “Urban Scout” leather jacket from the fashion label Egoisme.   You can buy it in 4 different leather colors and each color with a choice of different T-Shirts to wear beneath – and a shirtless option.   And yay!!! it comes with the choice of FitMesh plus regular sizes which is a kewl thing to have.

The ‘Sothis’ male pants i’m wearing are awesome too and retailed by FashionNatic.   There’s a multiHud to change color of pant, laces, belt & buckle plus a choice of boot version or normal fit leg cuffs.




Jacket – Egoisme – Urban Scout jacket | copper – @ Marketplace
Pant – FashionNatic – SoThis male pants – @ Marketplace
Shoes – FLite – Inspired boost tan – @ Men only Monthly event
Hair – DeLa – mesh hair “Rossi II” – @ Marketplace
Glasses – ZOOM – Ozzy Sunglass
Necklace – RealEvil Ind. – Revox Avo Set RLV – @ Marketplace
Photoshoot @ Downtown Grunge / Urban Shopping District 8

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polo ² tease

While I was looking around at the Cosmopolitan sales event I couldnt resist this FitMesh double collar polo  INVICTUS label shirt.   It comes with a neat Hud to change the color of the inner collar & sleeves.   I juss love when you can see a lil of the skin revealed; what a tease ! 

Usually FitMesh (one size fits all) is a problem for me but this one couldn’t get much better even if Ralph Lauren himself had fitted the shirt lol.  The baggy shorts from .t13 (twenty thirteen) matched up perfectly too !



Shirt – INVICTUS – Double Color Polo (red) – @ Cosmopolitan event /ends March 2
Pant – .t13 – Baggy Juse shorts / Rogen – @ Marketplace
Jacket – strip’d – Waist jacket (red) – only @ Marketplace
Shoes – ***TF*** – LikeShox V2 (SLink) with Hud for men – @ Marketplace
Hair – ::TI:: – Brandon hair B&W 2 – @ Marketplace
SL location – Vida Virtual

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breath easy *

There’s some classy clothing ‘n stuff at the current Cosmopolitan bi-weekly event.   One item that seems to have attracted much attention is this cardigan from the Breath label.   As you can see it comes with the back falling down which is neat as well as having the now seemingly popular trend of ‘no hands’ which is ok  ( but dont walk outside with shadows turned on else you will see your missing arms & hands in your shadow lol ).   Anyways I liked it and it comes with a multi Hud to choose various colors of the cardi as well as the underlying T-shirt prints.

Also looking really good were the shorts from Instinct; they are Liquid Mesh (one size fits all “kind of” )  I was really impressed how good they looked but sorry no demo to try.




Top – Breath – cardigan + tex change Hud – @ Cosmopolitan event
Pant – Instinct – Urban surface shorts black – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Meli Imako – Men’s basketball – only @ Marketplace
Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*58 – @ Marketplace

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freeze ╰ ✲ ╮

I was really impressed with this nicely detailed sweater + jacket combo from the MESHCENTER; the two can be worn together or separate.    Mesh materials enabled and sold only in Fitmesh size (one size fits all “kind of”) means that there is a risk that they wont fit properly and as far as I could see there’s no Demo to test the fit.   Generally my experiences with Fitmesh haven’t been good but anyways I took the risk & voilà ! almost a perfect fit.

The store also sells the items as a full outfit with the addition of boots and pants and there’s several color choices.






Sweater + jacket – MeshCenter – Joe sweather & Jacket 2.0 – @ Marketplace
Pant – Deadwool – Joad pants / black – @ Marketplace
Shoes – Benjaminz – Mamba 9 /Flyknit – @ Winter Trend event (closed)
Bracelet – RYCA – Bangle leather CC silver – @ Marketplace
Hair – Salon de GLOW – M-10 – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Salt Water

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