the end ===, ,_____

‘the end’ is near (May 5) for the post-apocalyptic sales event from Seraphim and along with it the chance to get this killer exclusive full FATEplay label outfit.  

Damien Fate from FATEwear has designed and created a set of post-apocalyptic outfits (using mesh materials tech) for both guys ‘n gals which are available now exclusively at the event location.   The outfits come in a variety of colour options and include a single color of the boots each and you can wear with/without the shirt & face mask & bullet belt if you want.   OMG what a WTG wearing this !!! Free demo to try first.




Outfit – FATEplay – Max – only @ the end event
Hair – EMO-tions – *JAMIE* brown pack – @ Marketplace
Poses – Zenith – poses with gun Omega – only @ Marketplace
SL Destination location – VAMP-PIRE


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outfield の

If your looking for a creative individualistic style (with a touch of steampunk) then go visit VALE KOER.  When I visited the small but nicely presented store I didn’t think about baseball but thats how it ended on the farthest outfield lol.

OK, the ‘leather’ shirt matches up nicely with the unisex shorts & leggings; there’s a HUD to select different patterns for the leggings (or hide them) they really have some life as you can see. 
BTW the shoes from VALE KOER only listed the Fatpack on the Marketplace ; individual shoes can be bought at the store.   A good shopping tip is that if your inclined to buy off the Marketplace it may be worth your while checking the inworld stores before you buy.




Shirt – VALE KOER – Leather shirt GSquare – @ Marketplace
Pants – VALE KOER – Future shorts black – @ Marketplace
Hat – VALE KOER – Deadeyes Cap – @ Marketplace
Shoes – VALE KOER – Apex stompers – @ Marketplace
Bracelet – Fusion – chain bracelet – @ Marketplace
Ball – TroyMart – baseball – only @ Marketplace
Mit – p&J – baseball Mit – only @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Jericho Hill Sports Complex


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a bear there’s ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ

There’s this little kiosk on the new Xin. sim.  You can get a free stuffed Teddy Bear from there but the one I got looked like it was having a bad hair day lol.

What I wanted to show you is the the new sweater from ::ZED:: , it has a turtleneck and comes in brite! colors.   Sometimes my chin ‘bled’ thru the neck which is just a minor thing altho some might not be happy to see that (there’s a free demo to try out).
Also, Alphonse from the .::ILLI::. store contacted me to see if I might blog about his shoes but my policy is to stay independent and do my own thing; I will say tho I do have a lot of .::ILLI::. shoes (to fit my SLink feet) as I like the good quality/styles & looks.    SLink footwears  often look too big on me but the one’s from .::ILLI::. always look super! 





Sweater – ::ZED:: – mesh purple hooded turtle neck – @ Marketplace
Pant – Vika Design – male jeans – @ Marketplace
Shoes – .::ILLI::. – Chris Canvas slip-ons deluxe – @ Marketplace 
Hat/hair – Anachron – Indy Hat & Hair / Diversity – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – the new Xin. sim


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headache «»«»

Managing all my clothes is a headache, like with this ‘Deacon Hoodie’ from boutique fashion store NoName;  I bought it at the store in a moment of madness near the end of March and tucked it away in my wardrobe but now I can’t find it at the store and it’s not listed on Marketplace !     Anyways i’m suggesting that the store is worth a visit as it has an interesting range of menswear (and for lady too) .

The jeans i’m wearing are from Instinct and include a HUD to change belt & underdaks; they are also liquid size,  NB be careful as there is no demo so you have to take the risk; you have to admit they look tempting and have a really nice cut & shape; fitted me fine.   



Jacket – NoName – Deacon Hoodie
Pant – Instinct – open jeans liquid size – @ Marketplace
Shoes – THINKFASHION®  – LikeShox V2 with Hud for Men (SLink) – @ Marketplace
Hair – INK – SPRSTOME – @ The Mens Dept monthly event
Drink – Pixelwear – Pepsi can –  only @ Marketplace
SL Location – Tillicum Island


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kaleidescope oॐ

The last post past talked a little about stores buying templates to create their clothing; the problem being they all have the same design and then the fine detail like finished edgings on cuffs and hems is missing kinda like a cheap shirt you can find at  RL cash ‘n carry stores.

Now contrast what i’m wearing today; this 100% original mesh shirt designed & created by Kitt Ragu of ::K:: brand menswear;  is everything you want with intricately finished cuffs and the shirt tucked naturally into the pants,  just gorgeous styling.
NB one thing, these items are only available in Fitmesh so you need to try the demo first; I found I had a small patch of skin ‘leaking’ thru but a slight edit of my shape fixed that.




Shirt – ::K:: – Dress down shirt homme – @ The Mens Dept event
Pant – ::K:: – Dual belt Chinos homme – @ The Mens Dept event
Shoes – Just Design – Roma gold/silver earth SLink sandal – @ Marketplace
Hair – INK hair – SPRSTOME – @ The Mens Dept event


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con-template ⁈

OK, so I started off happy with the jacket i’m wearing ( ‘tho the cuffs and the hem are bland, plain ordinary )  but anyways because I kinda keep an eye on what’s about I found that this jacket is on sale in at least six different SL stores !    I’m guessing the shop owner first buys the mesh template from someone who creates ‘n sells them for this very purpose.   Then the shop owner adds the different textures ‘n huds and other options like wear/don’t wear shirt, which helps make it look different.   Its what’s in the package that affects price ‘n what you get (one includes pants); another boasts  “this isn’t just another template-created product we’ve redesigned all the ‘inside shirts’ from scratch.” !    Take a look at my comparison list if your interested ( in no special order their direct item links in the SL Marketplace ) :

Yeliz – (L$395) *GIAN* excl. Leather Jacket & Pant ( 100 % MESH )
Adriatic – (L$199)  Mesh Leather Jacket With Shirt & Solo Jacket
Dafnis – (L$380)  FAT pack coats with shirts HUD driven EDUARD
Cold Ash – (L$239 to L$374)  Mesh men’s Chilton Leather Jacket
MSN Design – (L$250)  Kevin Leather Jacket
HooLigan Ink – (L$299)  HooLigan Ink Leather Jacket – Azzaro
SZD Fashion – (L$118) RILEY Jacket white




Jacket – HooLigaN Ink – Leather jacket Azzaro | grey & metallic – @ Marketplace
Pant – HooLigan Ink – Jeans 477 | OLD INOX – @ Marketplace
Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*19 – @ Marketplace
Shoes – BLK2.0 – OPIUM #Silver – @ The Men’s Dept event
Poses – *FN* – Sword poses various – @ Marketplace
SL Destination – Vintage Village
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brite boho ☼

Now for the last of my MensWear Fashion Week (closed)  buys and I guess your gonna say omg why did he buy that ? !! lol.   This summer “kinda boho style” outfit is another creation from Dot-be with art design from Brazilian artist Romero Britto.   Garish style prints have been the signature of Dot-be since its inception.   As far as I can tell this was a “one off” for the fashion event and no longer available; but, if you like the style there is a rack of summer jackets at the store (on LHS of main door) which have  more subdued colors & patterns.   There’s a HUD to change the shirt and another for the Chino pant.




Outfit – Dot-be – Special Facio outfit 
Shoes – ILLI – Connor sandal w/HUD SLink – @ Marketplace
Hair – Monster – {Perry} Alone – @ Marketplace
Glasses – Cestar Store – Retro Glasses – @ Marketplace
Bracelets – BenS Beauty – Metalic pack hoop mesh – @ Marketplace
Necklace – Mandala – HARAMITA necklace/Ryujin black – @ Marketplace
SL Location – * L’Arc en Ciel *


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